Friday Fun!! Friday Fun!!

Friday Fun!! Friday Fun!!

Happy Friday, everyone!!

This week, I did lots of stuff.

I made food.

I ate food.

And I’m officially 19 weeks pregnant!!

Almost halfway!!

Another bit of good news — next Thursday morning I will be finding out if it’s a boy or a girl.

Any guesses?

So far, I feel great.  A little uncomfortable (bending over is getting hard) and a little heartburney, but the baby kicks all the time, and it’s a reassuring feeling.

We went and saw Brave this week.  It does have a few bare bottoms, if cartoon bare bottoms are something you don’t want your kids to see.  But — I thought it was a really great movie.  Wonderful lessons, a TON of heart, and I was so happy to see a princess story that didn’t revolve around her finding love and kissing a prince all the livelong day.  This girl was strong and independent and we can always use a few of those!!

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