Cinners Guide - 2014 Bila-Haut Rouge

Cinners Guide - 2014 Bila-Haut Rouge

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Cinners Guide To Wine – Les Vignes De Bila-Haut Rouge Cotes Du Roussillon Villages by Michael Chapoutier

This is our first official Cinners Guide to Wine and we’re proud to present a French Wine…A 2014 Bila-Haut Rouge!

What better way to celebrate the resilience of the French than with French Wine? It may seem trite to compare the recent suffering of the French to a wine, but truly, what better metaphor can you imagine? Wine is the lifeblood of France, and this wine is no exception. The grapes for Bila-Haut Rouge come from a harsh terrain with a harsh history and like Paris, it has persevered and overcome great obstacles to be here today. In the words of a friend of Euny Hong in her LA Times OpEd response to the attacks, the friend says of Paris:

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