5 EGGcellent World Egg Day Recipes

5 EGGcellent World Egg Day Recipes

Love Eggs? ME TOO!

Did you know It’s World Egg Day? Seriously. I know what you’re thinking…

How EGGciting!

This is EGGcellent!

And EGGstraordinary!

Plus EGGstra Special!

Eggs are EGGsemplary!

And even EGGsistential!

I crack myself up! Okay, I’ll stop now.

There are hundreds of food holidays and October is chock full of them! But World Egg Day is Special because the Incredible Edible Egg gets it’s very own unique holiday-day! Unlike many other food holidays that are only National (US based), the Egg gets a World holiday all to itself. Go #TeamEgg!

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