Easy Rudolph cupcakes

Easy Rudolph cupcakes

As most of you know,  I tend to give HOMEMADE gifts like cakes, cupcakes and cookies to all my loved ones during Christmas time.

Obviously, all the goodies I make for them are DECORATED and made to look as CUTE as possible

This year, I will be giving everyone a box of 6 cupcakes that look like 2 Santas,  2 Snowmen, 2 Rudolphs and 2 Elves.

I think they are gonna LOVE them!

Btw, these Rudolph cupcakes are SUPER EASY to make!

Even if you have NEVER decorated cupcakes in your life, you CAN make these easy Rudolph cupcakes!


  • Abeer Rizvi
  • December 9, 2014
  • Christmas, Cupcakes
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