Tips to Prepare for Cold and Allergy Season

Tips to Prepare for Cold and Allergy Season







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This is a sponsored post for Puffs Plus Lotion at Sam’s Club, but all opinions are my own.

This past weekend we had a cold front come to town and it was a very welcome change.  I love summer, but I really crave the crisp cool air after so many days of heat.  One thing that is not welcome at Fall is the  cold and allergy season that comes with it.  Over the weekend we dealt with all 7 of us catching a cold!  We went through 2 whole boxes of tissues over a span of 4 days.  I often forget how many tissues we need when we all catch a cold at the same time.  Talk about a miserable bunch of sick kids and adults!  We are on the mend now, but this weekend reminded me how important it is to prepare for the cold and allergy season.  Here are my tips to prepare for cold and allergy season so that you are not stuck heading out to the store when you are sick (and really don’t feel like it).

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