Baby Birth Story of Enceladus!

Baby Birth Story of Enceladus!

Hi everybody!  My oh my, do I have someone who wants to meet you all.  She’s my new BFF.    Won’t you all say hello to Enceladus?

Full Name: Enceladus Seven Reed Rader,  Born: 11:53PM on July 2,  Weight: 7 pounds, 4 oz,  Personality: Feisty and Silly

Everyone asks about her name, Enceladus, so I’ll save you the trouble of googling!  She’s named after a moon on Saturn.  You pronounce it En-Sell-Ah-Dus. 

Her middle name is Seven because she’s our 7th baby (we’ve had 6 cats prior).  We really wanted to include our Meowza family in her name somehow since they’re so special to us.

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