Sourdough Rye and Weekend Baking

Sourdough Rye and Weekend Baking

I enjoyed my bread-baking weekend last weekend. Although I’ve been baking all month, I hadn’t made any new breads. I was starting to go through bread-baking withdrawals so I made up for lost time. I made four loaves and a batch of dinner rolls. I also messed up almost every mixing bowl in the house, but it was worth it.

The first loaf I made was is French Bread with Apples and Walnuts .

The second bread, and the one featured in this post, is a Sourdough Rye made with toasted sunflower and pumpkin seeds. I’m a little behind on my posting, but this bread is worth the wait.


  • Use a regular sourdough starter
  • Convert a regular sourdough starter to a rye sourdough
  • Create a rye levain/sourdough starter from scratch
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