Monster Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich

Monster Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich

Back in May, I drove down to Raleigh, NC to meet up with my friend Brittani for a day of food truck madness! I had seen seen her post on Facebook not to long before that about the Food Truck Rodeo in Raleigh and I immediately messaged her and told her that I wanted to go!

It was my first time attending a Food Truck Rodeo event and I fell in love with it!

I mean come on! Food Trucks pretty much take over downtown Raleigh for this thing! What's not to love?!

Before we even got there she was telling about this "Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich that was as big as her head!" and how we had to get one. She pretty much told me that although all the food was amazing that as long as she got this cookie ice cream sandwich all would be right in her world. haha.

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