Roast Beef Grilled Cheese #12Bloggers

Roast Beef Grilled Cheese #12Bloggers

Is everyone back to the weekly grind by now? I'm sorely missing my weekend, I don't remember having one haha. I'd like a re-do please. ;)

Well, I don't see that happening so let's just pick our heads up and move on shall we...

Are we all super excited about the recipes that are getting ready to pop up on the blog?

Southern Foods that we all love are coming atcha!

I mean they may not ALL be "traditional southern" however a lot of those will be showing up to the party too!

I've been throwing around a little idea and I'm going to work on "working it into" the blog. I've been taking a little more "me time" lately and catching up on some of my favorite cooking shows like The Pioneer Woman and Trisha's Southern Kitchen on Saturday mornings and while I was watching Trisha's Southern Kitchen the other day, I thought to myself,"I love this show, I love it because I get to see her life, her family and her friends. I get to see her having fun and she makes me want to get into the kitchen and I also love the themes of her shows!"

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