PEP TALK TO A BLOGGER: Digital vs Real World

PEP TALK TO A BLOGGER: Digital vs Real World

Sometimes I just sit down and write - for myself. Then I realised I might not be alone.


We live in a digital world... The picture above I made with my phone. Yip, now a days you can take a photo, edit it and write on it with a few different apps and then share it on the internet - no computers involved!


What an amazing time we live in! But it can also be a draining world because how often do we check our phones? email, twitter, pinterest, facebook, etc.... At any moment, day or night we have access to a digital world that is kind of like the matrix. We can live in there and never come out if we wish. EXAMPLE:  I could be living in a grey old room with no sunlight but I could write that Im on a sandy beach sipping cocktails. But as long as I have a device in my hands I can act how ever I want in the online world... So we have this opportunity to portray ourselves how ever we wish -as glamorous and upbeat or as boring and critical for example. But all this time we are spending online is it really time well spent?

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