Romantic Autumn Dinner and Consol Solar Jars

Romantic Autumn Dinner and Consol Solar Jars

sent me a few of their new solar jars, and I am so happy that they did.

After playing with them for a bit I realized the endless possibilities they could have at a wedding or party or function. Just think you could fill them with beads/ flowers / colourful tissue paper / sequins / glitter / coloured water (maybe half fill) etc....

But I decided with autumn approaching, the weather is mild with a slight nip in the air. I thought it would be nice to have a romantic evening dinner outside. Beautifully set out with warm autumn soup and pretty flowers accompanying the consol jars. They gave off beautiful light and I didn't have to worry about anything blowing out or catching alight .. I would have had to worry if I had used candles. Try a nice thick vegetable soup with a drop cream. You can find a recipe for


  • Potato and fennel soup here,
Read the whole recipe on Betty Bake