Adventure Day Camp Lunches, continued

Adventure Day Camp Lunches, continued

We still have a few more lunches from Ben's week at Avid4Adventure Camp to share!

Since he is always starving, I went ahead and sent him lunches that I thought were overpacked.  Since they all came home empty, overpacking wasn't really an issue.

Despite the similarity to the last posted lunch, I seem to have the order mixed up on which day he took each one, as I spaced out the more similar lunches.  This was actually Friday, with the prior one being on Tuesday.

In the lunch, he took a turkey and havarti sandwich on white bread rounds.  I was trying to finish up a couple of different packs of bread over that week, so I mixed and matched those for sandwiches.  We're in the mood for something a little different, so I needed to finish what we had to buy more.

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