Mini Cranberry-Pear Pies with Sugared Cranberries

Mini Cranberry-Pear Pies with Sugared Cranberries

My husband was complaing the other day because I never make pie.

Like, two days after Thanksgiving, when I totally made pie.

Isn’t it funny how I bake a lot ( a lot) of treats, all the time (all. the. time.), and still he finds the one thing he wants that I “neeeveeeer” make?

If by funny, you mean not funny at all, then yes. Hilarious.

Well guess what?

I made pie!

I admit it, I hardly ever make pie.

This is a treat.

And they’re mini, because cute. Duh.

Obviously, I haven’t quite gotten the hang of my mini pie maker yet…I’m still slightly burning the edges of the crust. : / It’s just that those two pieces of hot metal pressing in on both sides is a little too hot for that poor, thin layer of crust. And foil is not the solution. Trust me.

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