A Fun, Festive Halloween Chocolate Orange Layer Cake

A Fun, Festive Halloween Chocolate Orange Layer Cake

I had a certain post in mind today. Something new that I’d like to see on here as a regular monthly post, but, as it often does, life got in the way and I needed to do something else for today. That’s why…

…yesterday, I decided to make a cake. I knew right away what the flavors would be, and that it would be Halloween themed. I adore Halloween. Really, really. It’s, by far, my favorite holiday, so I was excited to finally do something geared towards All Hallow’s Eve.

This, my friends, is a chocolate orange layer cake. It has chocolate layers. It has orange layers. It has rich chocolate filling and orange buttercream frosting. It has dark chocolate ganache on top. And it was totally fun to make!! The swirls on the outside of the cake were made using leftover filling after the cake was assembled and frosted. I just used a pastry bag fitted with a writing tip to draw them all over the sides of the cake, then I poured the yummy ganache in the center of the cake and let it run over the edges.


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