Sweet on Trader Joe's Sunday: Half Moon Cookies

Sweet on Trader Joe's Sunday: Half Moon Cookies

You'll find these cookies in the fresh baked goods area at Trader Joe's. In our store, it's in the back of the produce department.

If you're of a certain age (read: much older than Jack), you cannot see a black and white cookie without thinking of Seinfeld.

"If people would only look to the cookie. All our problems would be solved."

~Jerry Seinfeld ...and a good life motto.

A box of 10 Half Moon Cookies will cost you $2.99.

A mom's (my) take: What I couldn't tell until I opened the package was how thick and cake-like these cookies are. They really are like little bites of cake...soft and fluffy. The icing is delicious; a dark chocolate side-by-side with a vanilla glaze. At the very end, I got a little hint of citrus from the cookie. Perfection. Dangerous. I cannot keep these in the house...I don't have the willpower to resist them.

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