Sweet on Trader Joe's : Pinks & Whites

Sweet on Trader Joe's : Pinks & Whites

Tell me...how can one resist pink and white, flower-shaped sprinkle cookies stacked at the register? One cannot. That's the answer.

So this week, we review Trader Joe's Pinks & Whites. They are yogurt-coated shortbread cookies with sprinkles. A 10-ounce box costs $2.99.

The back of the box is just as cute as as the front.

A mom's (my) take: How cute would these be stacked on a straw for a milkshake? Super cute! I'm suddenly craving a milkshake. These are crunchy and sweet...with a little added crunch from the sprinkles. I wanted these to taste like frosted animal crackers, but they didn't quite get there. Bonus points for cuteness, though.

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