Patriotic Stripes, Bunting, and Stars...oh my!

Patriotic Stripes, Bunting, and Stars...oh my!

I need to get reacquainted with my best friend, the black-outlined cookie. Every time I make one...or see's automatically my favorite.

These 4th of July cookie "cakes" came about when I was searching through my cookie cutter stash for some clever patriotic shape to decorate.

Pumpkins?  Not quite right.

Butterflies?  Hmm...maybe.

Armadillos?  Promising...

CAKES?!? Now, why didn't I think of that before?!?

I just love that little star on the top of the cake. I think this would be DARLING as a birthday cake cookie, too. Actually, have you heard of STAR BIRTHDAYS? My aunt clued me into these. It's when the age you are turning matches your birth date. For example...if you were born on the 24th of a month, the year you turn 24 would be your star birthday.

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