Martha's Fireworks Cookies

Martha's Fireworks Cookies

It's a little silly just how happy seeing decorated cookies on the cover of Martha Stewart Living can make a person.

{By "a person," I mean me.}

I happened to spot it in the grocery store before my issue arrived in the was like I had tunnel vision...I might have run to the magazine display. I'm not sure's all a blur. ;)  What I do know, is that I HAD TO make them.

These cookies are really, really simple to make...all you need are a few tricks.  And toothpicks.  Lots and lots of toothpicks.


  • circle-shaped cookies
  • royal icing tinted with AmeriColor Super Red, Bright White and Royal Blue (or Navy Blue)
  • disposable icing bag
  • coupler and #2 tip
  • squeeze bottles (3)
  • toothpicks
Read the whole recipe on Bake at 350