Thinking Out Loud #8

Thinking Out Loud #8

Hi everyone! How’s your week been going? I’ve been waking up extra sleepy in the mornings, so it’s been a coffee-filled one for me! Let’s jump right into this week’s Thinking Out Loud!

As always, thanks to the lovely Amanda for hosting!

I was featured in People Magazine!

AHHH! Last week was probably the most exciting of my entire life! I shot David Henrie’s wedding (he was Selena Gomez’s costar on the Disney show Wizards of Waverly Place) and the media attention was insane. Selena Gomez came to the church ceremony and to cocktail hour and it was the most crazy, how-did-this-happen thing to direct her of photos haha. I had this one surreal moment where I was gathering together the cast of Wizards for a group photo and was leading them outside with Selena Gomez walking right next to me and the rest of the actors following me. WHAT IS LIFE?! She even shared one of the pictures I took on her Instagram, which makes me feel insanely cool since she is the most followed person on the entire Instagram platform.

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