The Proposal + photos of our love story

The Proposal + photos of our love story



Last Saturday (1/21/17) was a day that I’ll never forget. Most of you already know that Tony proposed (and that I said yes!) but I wanted to write out not only our engagement story, but our love story right here, so that I could keep it forever.

About two weeks ago, Tony asked if I wanted to go ice skating in Wicker Park and spend some quality time together, you know, just the two of us. It was natural that we wanted to do something chill in the city because we’re basically obsessed with Chicago (even though we already live here). During the Summer months, we spent each weekend walking 25,000 steps around the city and exploring little shops — Wicker Park was always one of my favorite places to hang around. And to be honest, since moving and launching the Healthy Glow Co, my life has been insanely busy. Our date nights have been spent in my office, while I type away and he hangs out next to me with Milly. Quality time together NOT WORKING was exactly what we were desperately craving.

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