Weekend Favorites: 4.29.16

Weekend Favorites: 4.29.16



Can you believe that it’s almost May?! What is happening and where on earth does the time go? That makes me sound like I’m much older, but seriously. We moved into our apartment in October of last year and it still feels like it was almost yesterday. I finally just finished decorating my office and now we’re starting on our bedroom. Thus I stalk Pinterest like a crazy MF.

P.S. Outside of food, I feel like I could 100% be a home/lifestyle blogger.

Moving on…

This past week: I hit up a few pizza places in preparation for my Chicago Series that I’ve been working on. People always ask me about deep dish, but there are SO many incredible pizza joints in Chicago to try outside the DD. I’ve been trying to diligently pace myself with the pizza, but damn, I’ve had a few really good slices and can’t wait to share them with you.

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