Vegetarian stop-over in Doha, Qatar

Vegetarian stop-over in Doha, Qatar

Souk Watif, Doha

I flew with Qatar Airways from New Zealand to Italy (my longest flight, 17 and an half hours, Auckland to Doha), and decided to stop a couple of days in Doha on the way back, to add a new country in my world map.

Usually if I can the first thing I do is to walk a supermarket to stock up with vegetarian snacks, and I can happily say that for two days in Doha I could live just on dates!

So many varieties, and they all look so good ... but of course I also wanted other things, like some still warm flat bread. I arrived in front of the bakery at a good time apparently, since I had to almost wrestle through a group of men all wanting to grab the best bread - no women, maybe bread is something men shop for? Then I wanted to grab some labne, a real staple in this part of the world. And then a bottle of pomegranate juice (also very common), and from the delicatessen some vegetarian pastries (similar to samosa) which were quite spicy and tasty. The Mango was imported, like most of the produce I guess, in act I was surprised to see how many apples they imports, I had a few at the hotel (free by the fitness centre) and it is quite likely that they came from New Zealand. Then, for dessert, I opened a pack of dates.

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