The sliver car and the girl in black

The sliver car and the girl in black

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Its not so exciting as it seems to be. I was having a tank 7 with Denis and all I could look at was a parked sliver car and a girl working in the Style Lab. My brain offically turned off all I was doing was staring off into space, broken up by Denis and I chit chatting about work and life here. A warm and humid afternoon, it had jsut finished raining.

David Herve French Oyster promotion

We started the week (well 2 weeks ago) with our David Herve oyster promotion. With 2 shipments from France a week, we are keeping a great rotation of fresh French oysters here in Guangzhou. Fine de Claire no 4’s and Speciales have been flying out of our seafood buffet restaurant Carousel (yes it rotates) 30 floors above the city. We still have 2 weeks of the promotion so I think it is a good guess we will be shucking a couple of hundred oysters a night until September. Oysters are being served with a refreshing fruit sorbet with a bit of vodka…a la Denis.

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