What?! It's March? What happened to February?

What?! It's March? What happened to February?

that's not okay.

We've been battling the flu. This was the first cold/flu season in about 4 years where we opted to not get a flu shot (for no reason, really----we weren't reminded by the pediatrician, and were apparently not in the high-risk group), and so I can anecdotally declare that flu shots work.

~~~Quickly ducking so I don't get hit with a squashed tomato from the flu-shots-are-evil people~~~

So anyway, that's where I've been. Tending to sick, cranky people.

I don't have a new recipe today, but have instead rounded up all of the 2008 Flashbacks that I wasn't able to send out. Fingers crossed that the snot, fevers, and all-around-ickiness (you don't want to know, trust me...) stays away next week and everyone is back at school/work and we get back to normal around here.

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