Gazpacho: A Cold Cold Soup for a Hot Hot Day!

Gazpacho: A Cold Cold Soup for a Hot Hot Day!

This week, Cincinnati was kinda gray. Cloudy and gloomy with busts of thunderstorms. 

But this couldn't deter me from posting is cold cold soup which we had on a rather hot hot day last week.

All my favorite salad ingredients blended with my favorite juice, what could be bad about it! I knew I'll love it, even before I made it.

Gazpacho, a light, cool, refreshing soup from Spain is basically a whole bunch of raw vegetable blended with tomato juice. Often called a "Salad in a Blender", it is a summertime staple in many household. Traditionally made by pounding raw vegetables with tomatoes in mortar and pestle and left to cool in earthen pots, gazpacho has gone through many transformation to reach its current stage. Modern day convenience like blenders and food processors have made the prep work a snap and the added bonus of "no cooking" makes Gazpacho the most loved Summer Soup.

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