Dia De Los Muertos Tradition

Dia De Los Muertos Tradition

Hi friends! I am sharing a family tradition from when I was a little girl and I decided to pass this on to my daughters. My mom’s birthday is on November 2nd, which turns out to be the “Day of the dead” as well and we celebrated every year by making the traditional “pan de muerto” aka “bread of the dead”.

I made a quick stop at Walmart and picked up ingredients to make the bread and our favorite cereal, Lucky Charms to decorate the cookies too!

My girls enjoy crafting and cooking with me for every holiday. I love sharing the creativity my mom passed on to me.

Cooking with kids is fun and you can create sweet memories that last a lifetime. My daughter truly enjoy our time together and it doesn’t need to be hard. I baked the bread and cookies ahead of time and I let them be involved by simply using Lucky Charms to decorate the cookies and bread.

I set up everything outside so they could get messy and mommy could clean up after in just a few minutes…ha!

This is the final project and I think they did a good job! It’s simple, cute and a fun time with my girls.

These yummy cookies are easy but you can always pick up some at the store if you prefer not to bake.

And this is the pan de muerto my family made all the time. It’s a good recipe, you will love it!


  • 1/4 cup margarine
  • 1/4 cup milk
Read the whole recipe on A to Zebra Celebrations