Being a tourist in Beijing, China - Pt 1

Being a tourist in Beijing, China - Pt 1

“There was once a dragon in the Ancient Orient,

and its name was China;

there was a group of people in the Ancient Orient,

and they were all the descendants of the dragon.”

Derived from ‘The descendants of the dragon’, a very popular Chinese song back in the 80s. I still remember I used to sing this song when I was a kid and learnt the lyrics by heart, because I am the descendant of the dragon after all (not to mention I was also born in the Year of the Dragon). Despite I am the third generation that was born in Malaysia, we still able to trace our family history back to Qing Dynasty in mainland China. My parents used to love going back to China to visit the country, the small village in Fujian province where our ancestors were from and also made connections with our long distance relatives who actually still live there. I have to admit, tracing family history back to China had never been an interest of me. Just like any younger generations really, my childhood was highly westernised and always dreamt about visiting western countries instead of tracing back to my root. But funny how things have changed as I got older, I had been thinking about visiting China for the last few years for numerous reasons. One particular reason is to see the country before all its culture and history vanishing in front of our own eyes, as China’s economic growth continues to soar in an alarming rate. So, is either now or never, and this ‘dragon’ is heading to motherland – China!

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