Last Minute Thanksgiving Help

Last Minute Thanksgiving Help

Here we are friends - THANKSGIVING has arrived!  I am excited and ready.

My family gathers at my sisters house and we made our plan over 2 weeks ago about who would bring which dish and what time the big event would start.

I hope you all have your plan in place for a successful, happy day whether you are cooking or not.  Here's just a few helpful tips in case you are not sure about setting the table, serving a buffet or cooking the big bird.  Sending you love, positive thoughts & prayers for a wonderful Wednesday and a very Happy Thanksgiving.


  • If you are cooking a turkey, MAKE SURE you have meat thermometer and that the internal temperature of the turkey reads at 160 degrees.  Insert the probe into the thigh making sure not to touch the bone.  FYI, you can buy an inexpensive thermometer in the grocery store.
  • Always, always make extra gravy!  It goes quickly and is not something you want to run out of.  Don't worry if you have some left over, it keeps in the fridge for up to 2 days.
  • Have everyone take a great photo…then, PUT THE PHONES AWAY!
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