Vegan Spelt Pie Crust

Vegan Spelt Pie Crust

Five years ago (good lord where does the time go) I posted a recipe for Whole Spelt Pie Crust. After making said crust for every year since I figured it was high time for a bit of an update.

Over time, I’ve worked out that coconut oil is better for this crust when it’s a touch firmer, so there’s a bit of extra detail about how to get it right when it’s hot in your kitchen.

I’ve found adding some extra water is better too — and I’ve refined the refrigerate and roll times because coconut oil is a terribly tortured soul and one must bow to its demands.

The taste is still the same… Flakey as any good pie crust should be. Hearty in a way that stands up to pie filling but doesn’t hijack it.

Rich in a way that makes you want to eat the crust on it’s own as well as covered in custard or fruit or nuts — and that’s a big call from someone who can’t really be bothered with traditional pie crust and appears to be on a never-ending quest for any pastry other than the classic white flour and butter shortcrust kind!

In any case, I’ll be making this for Pecan Pie (stay tuned for that recipe and a video tomorrow) and Pumpkin Pie for Christmas Day — and probably many times after that for fruit pies this summer.

There may even be a Concord grape pie hack for those who can’t get real Concords or simply don’t want to wait for the crazy short season — but that’s another pie for another day.

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Vegan Whole Spelt Pie Crust

Flakey, rich, hearty, this pie crust stands up to any filling around. The fact that it’s vegan and lower in gluten is just the cherry on top. Great, now all I can think about is cherry pie — ha!


  • 2 c whole spelt flour (240 g)
  • ½ c virgin coconut oil, semi-solid (125 ml)
  • ½ tsp sea salt
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