Lemon, Macadamia & Coconut Raw Truffles

Lemon, Macadamia & Coconut Raw Truffles

Round about 5 years ago, give or take a few days, 84th & 3rd was born.

It happened — without buildup, without fanfare, without a repository of content, without thousands of Instagram followers, but with a single post that told a short story about my life at that very moment.

To say the blogging landscape has changed exponentially in the past 5 years (much less the past 10 or 15) is an understatement. New blogs are launched these days with events to rival book releases, with build up and buzz, springing fully-formed like Athena from the head of Zeus. Celebrities and media personalities and even (gasp) journalists who turned up their noses at bloggers for years realised they could own a platform that wasn’t linked to a publisher or a network or a TV program — and suddenly embraced what they had previously looked down on.

Not that there’s anything wrong with change, it is inevitable after all, and in every industry there is evolution and growth. As a channel gains traction and becomes more commercial (or a trend becomes mainstream) those who have been living and playing in that space have to perpetually re-evaluate why they are there, where they fit, and what’s next.

So where’s this all headed? Well nowhere really — or perhaps everywhere.

If you’ve been here for a while you may have noticed that it’s been a bit quiet on the blogging front these days. Some of it is due to the fact that this-here blog, while not my full time job, has in effect launched a new (or not so new anymore, it’s been a few years now) career as a photographer, stylist and commercial recipe developer.

And as such I find myself creating stacks of content for clients, and teaching workshops so others can take pretty photos for their own properties, but for some reason sitting on posts for this space for weeks or even months on end. The rest is due to the fact that Instagram is simply so easy and I’m far better in quick quips than long prose, usually, so most of my almost-recipes and daily happenings and photos taken with a phone end up over there instead.

Anyway, I’m not going anywhere anytime soon but I did want to ask you, if I were to pop around here more often what would you want to see?

Maybe some travel-diary posts about Scandinavia and Japan and Peru and America and Italy? Maybe some main meal recipes? Or almost-recipe-fridge-surprise bowls? Perhaps more unprocessed allergy-friendly slightly mad-science-flipped desserts? Maybe some crafty stuff or gift guides or photography and styling tips? Or beautifully styled rants and in-my-opinion, opinion pieces? Or maybe something else? Or nothing at all?

I really would like to know, and with a few passing clicks on the way to the recipe you can have your say.


And then you can go have a raw truffle — just please don’t call it a bliss ball (oh look, there’s a rant brewing already – ha).

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Lemon, Macadamia & Coconut Raw Truffles

Like a little lemon pie in every bite. How very perfect.


  • 1 c raw macadamia nuts (150g)
  • 1 c shredded coconut, unsweetened (70g)
  • ¼ c lemon juice
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 Tbsp coconut oil
  • 2 Tbsp maple syrup or rice syrup
  • ½ tsp sea salt
  • 2 Tbsp desiccated coconut, unsweetened
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