In My Kitchen: July 2015

In My Kitchen: July 2015

It’s once again time for In My Kitchen and as per usual this is a collection of things from the past month — a small snippet of those seen over on Instagram — in loosely interpreted categories and no particular order…

As always I’m linking up with Celia for IMK.


Kitchen Shenanigans

Willy Wonka eat your heart out (aka this is what happens when I say I’ll make the cake for the MIL’s 80th b-day).

For those keeping score it was made up of 2 layers coconut cake, 2 layers chocolate cake, salted caramel buttercream filling & scoops, vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream coat & scoops, chocolate ganache, honeycomb, meringue kisses, and coffee doughnuts. All homemade in one afternoon, because crazy. The plan is to share it all here — the only question is when that will actually happen…

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