Naturally Gluten-Free: Coconut Cassava Bars

Naturally Gluten-Free: Coconut Cassava Bars

Hello world! These are my baby steps back into the food blogging/photography world. A little scared...a lot clumsy (I swear I've somehow forgotten even the basics of how light works! =X)...and learning things again bit by bit (I hope) with each attempt!

These bars are mildly sweet and just a little bit salty

soft and chewy in a way that's reminiscent of mochi cake

naturally gluten-free; and ab-so-lute-ly addicting to nibble on.

For today's shoot, I chose coconut cassava bars inspired by one of my favorite nutrition blogs,  Nutrition to Kitchen . Similar versions of this cake can be found in Vietnamese and Filipino cuisine. (partly due to the addition of cheddar cheese!); (not surprising once you learn cassava is used to make tapioca);(from the milk as well as sweetened coconut strings known as macapuno); Please do give it a go, and let me know what you think!

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