A Pretty Sweet (Potato) Cake for Thanksgiving!

A Pretty Sweet (Potato) Cake for Thanksgiving!

sharing one more fun, festive fall dessert for any of you still needing a last-minute Thanksgiving dessert.

I love sweet potatoes in just about any form.

Which is why I simply couldn't resist making this richly flavored sweet potato cake this Thanksgiving.

P.S. - I want to thank Oh Nuts! for the wonderful Jumbo Raw Georgia pecans they sent me for free to use in my holiday baking.

Woohoo! Thanksgiving break is finally here and my bags are already packed for the long weekend of great food n' family ahead. Still, I just couldn't duck out without And I'm betting that many of you feel the same...especially around this time of year! You'll love how quickly this comes together. Plus it only dirties up a bowl and measuring cup. It's also quite friendly to guests on restrictive diets, since the cake is already egg and dairy-free. If any dairy is an issue, simply swap dairy substitutes into the frosting to make this a welcome Thanksgiving dessert for all =). These pecans were so fresh and yummy. I sampled one as I was measuring them out for this cake and ended up eating so many I had to get more for the recipe O:-). They're big, as the name suggests, and have a wonderful subtle sweetness that made them downright addictive. Printable Recipe ]

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