Easy Meal Plan Sunday

Easy Meal Plan Sunday

Easy Meal Plan Sunday {Week 61} –  these six dinners, two desserts and a breakfast recipe will help you remove the guesswork from this week’s meal planning. Enjoy!

The Olympics end today.

As if you didn’t already know that. Or maybe you’ve been living in a cave completely without any social media or internet access and you didn’t know. If you have been, kudos to you for viewing this post then! 😉

I’m really sad to see it end because they’ve been so much fun to watch. Practically every night after dinner since it started we’ve been watching it. I’m going to miss that. It’s been fun to talk about the events and we’ve had a few laughs watching them as well. Typically during the Olympics or any largely televised event our daughter, Lexi starts a Twitter feed with Dadisms. This year she didn’t document as many in the past, but you can find them under  #Rio16Dadisms.

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